Drift Outlaws April 2024

Event Date - 07/04/2024

Location - Queensland Raceway

Not your typical drifting event. This event at Queensland Raceway had a lot of action and entertainment to experience.

Festival of Speed - Canberra

Event Date - 02/03/2024

Location - Thoroughbred Park, Canberra

The National Capital's greatest celebration of motorsport and exotic car culture

SDMA Hill Climb Canberra - February 2024

Event Date - 04/02/2024

Location - Sutton Road, Canberra

On February the 4th 2024, competitors competed to beat their best times in this 2 lap hill climb circuit.

Tuned x Rollracing February 2024

Event Date - 03/02/2024

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park

An amazing start to the Tuned car show and Roll Racing events for 2024.

Summernats Weekend Photos

Event Date - 06/01/2024

Location - Canberra

Summernats is back with a lot of interesting and beautiful rides!

Marques in the Park

Event Date - 12/11/2023

Location - Deakin Stadium, Canberra

This years event was Hosted by the American Car Club of Australia in collaboration with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs.

German Auto Day - Queanbeyan - 2023

Event Date - 24/09/2023

Location - Queanbeyan Park

My collection of photos from the German Auto Day at Queanbeyan Park.

World Time Attack 2023 - Day 2

Event Date - 02/09/2023

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park

Travelled back to Sydney Motorsport Park for day 2 of the World Time Attack.

World Time Attack 2023 - Day 1

Event Date - 01/09/2023

Location - Motorsport Park, Sydney

The World Time Attack Challenge is an annual motorsport event held at Sydney Motorsport Park in Australia. It features some of the fastest and most advanced cars from around the world.

Unmarked Vol II - Part 1

Event Date - 12/08/2023

Location - The Venue Alexandria, Sydney

On August 2023 Unmarked hosted a show with some of the best rides in town. The Venue was packed and it was a great day for car enthusiasts in Sydney.

Unmarked Vol II - Part 2

Event Date - 12/08/2023

Location - The Venue, Sydney

More images from the show halls at the Unmarked car show.

SDMA Hill Climb - August 2023

Event Date - 06/08/2023

Location - Canberra

Some photos from the SDMA Hill Climb race day on August 2023

Canberra Skyline Day 2023 - HNCR - Part 1

Event Date - 30/07/2023

Location - Spanish Australian Club, Canberra

On this day the Heritage Nissan Canberra Region Club celebrated the day of the R31 Nissan Skyline.

Canberra Skyline Day 2023 - HNCR - Part 2

Event Date - 30/07/2023

Location - Spanish Club, Canberra

A beautiful day of cars displayed at the Spanish Club in Canberra.

All Ford day - Sydney 2023

Event Date - 23/07/2023

Location - Sydney Dragway

A day celebrating all things Ford in Sydney 2023

Cruise for a cause - Canberra

Event Date - 16/07/2023

Location - Exhibition Park, Canberra

A huge car event in EPIC Canberra on July 2023. Raising funds for Ryan Tanaskovic and his family.

Canberra 7s Day 2023

Event Date - 09/07/2023

Location - CIT Fyshwick, Canberra

A car show and shine and cruise on July for 7s day.

JDM Festival 2023

Event Date - 01/07/2023

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park

Here are the latest photos from the JDM Festival 2023 at Sydney Motorsport Park.

JapInc Cars and Coffee

Event Date - 24/06/2023

Location - Rivett, Canberra

JapInc hosted cars and coffee in June at Rivett, Canberra.

Cars and Coffee at Canberra Airport

Event Date - 18/06/2023

Location - Canberra Airport

Photos from a cars and coffee meet at Canberra Airport in June

GT-R Festival 2023

Event Date - 03/06/2023

Location - Sydney Dragway, NSW

GT-R Festival is an event celebrating all things GT-R. Old school, R32, R33, R34 and R35 models all welcome to display and race.

GTR Festival 2023 - Part 2

Event Date - 03/06/2023

Location - Sydney Dragway

Part 2 of the GTR Festival

All Japan Day - Roll Racing 2023

Event Date - 21/05/2023

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park

A day of roll racing and car show and shine in May

HIN Most Wanted - Sydney 2023

Event Date - 20/05/2023

Location - Paramatta Gaol, Sydney, NSW

The HIN (Hot Import Nights) car event. This event showcases the best show cars from around the world

Beat the Blue 2023

Event Date - 06/05/2023

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park, NSW

On the 6th of May 2023, members of the public will have the opportunity to challenge the NSW Police Force Traffic and Highway Patrol in navigating an obstacle course in Sydney Motorsport Park.

JDM Masters Canberra Cruise

Event Date - 23/04/2023

Location - Canberra

A cruise from the south to the north of Canberra.

MazdACT's Easter Meet

Event Date - 23/04/2023

Location - Canberra

An awesome Autumn meet in Canberra for Easter.

Tuned 10 Year Anniversary - Main Straight Monster Meet

Event Date - 22/04/2023

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park, NSW

Monster car meet at Sydney Motorsport Park for Tuned 10 year Anniversary

AutoItalia Canberra - 2023

Event Date - 02/04/2023

Location - Queanbeyan Park, NSW

It was a great day at AutoItalia this year with plenty of Italian cars on display.

SDMA Hill Climb Canberra 2 April

Event Date - 02/04/2023

Location - Sutton Road, NSW

One lap competition hill climb hosted near Canberra on Sutton Road

Project Supercars 2023 - Fyshwick, ACT

Event Date - 19/03/2023

Location - Fyshick, Canberra, ACT

It was a perfect morning at Project Supercars in Fyshwick, ACT Canberra. Many European, Japanese, and American supercars were on display.

Tuned Festival Feb 2023

Event Date - 25/02/2023

Location - Sydney Motorsport Park

An evening of tuned cars and roll racing at a full capacity Sydney Motorsport Park! Showcasing some of the best show cars in Australia.

Classic Cruise 2022 - Canberra

Event Date - 11/09/2022

Location - Canberra

The Classic Cruise is back to raise money for a good cause for 2022

Cruise for Wakefield

Event Date - 28/08/2022

Location - Goulburn

A cruise event to show support for the Wakefield Motorsport Raceway.

Powercruise Event 20 August 2022

Event Date - 20/08/2022

Location - Sydney

Powercruise, a big event at Sydney Motorsport Park in Sydney, Australia.

SDMA Hill Climb - 7th August 2022

Event Date - 07/08/2022

Location - Canberra

Club one lap hillclimb

Skyline Show and Shine - Canberra

Event Date - 31/07/2022

Location - Canberra - Narrabundah

A skyline show and shine in Canberra

Aus Time Attack

Event Date - 23/07/2022

Location - Goulburn

Aus Time Attack is about more than just racing. It's about the ultimate collaboration of man and machine with the single goal of beating the clock

Fox Car Collection

Located in the Docklands in Melbourne, this car museum is a dream for car enthusiasts.

Twin 86 shoot

It was a cool afternoon in Canberra shooting these two gt86s.