MazdACT Stories – Tom Walter’s 1999 Mazda NB MX5

It’s early April and Autumn has begun in the nation’s capital. Fonz Campa’s MPS 6 story has just been published when the team receives a message from local MazdACT MX5 member, Tom Walter.  

MazdACT Stories: Fonz Campa’s 2006 Series 1 Mazda MPS 6

It’s something Mazda turbo enthusiast Fonz Campa knows too well. His snowflake white MPS 6 is from a short-lived breed; the pinnacle of an era where Mazda’s fleet line up was as diverse as a standard city driver to a track ready beast and everything in between. 

MazdACT Stories: Barry Faux’s 1995 20B Eunos Cosmo

In 1962, The Jetsons fit took to the airwaves. The Hanna Barbera spin on a family set in the distant future was welcomed fondly for its big ideas of floating homes and flying cars.

MazdACT Stories: Jeremy’s 1974 Mazda RX4 Coupe

The thing to know about Jeremy is that, while he’s led an eventful life, his passion and enthusiasm for his Mazda vehicles is infectious.