MazdACT Stories: Jeremy’s 1970 Mazda Series II R100. 

Squirrelled away on a rural property, far from prying eyes is the world of a mechanical wizard tinkering and revitalising rotary magic in an unsuspecting garage.

MazdACT Stories – Frank’s 1977 Mazda 1000 Ute 

Winter has returned to the capital region for another year. Though it's only May, the temps have begun to dip into overnight lows in the minuses. An early morning fog and frost greet the Carlective as a story of family and generational vehicle ownership takes the crew to a property near Springrange, New South Wales.

MazdACT Stories – Tom Walter’s 1999 Mazda NB MX5

It’s early April and Autumn has begun in the nation’s capital. Fonz Campa’s MPS 6 story has just been published when the team receives a message from local MazdACT MX5 member, Tom Walter.  

MazdACT Stories: Fonz Campa’s 2006 Series 1 Mazda MPS 6

It’s something Mazda turbo enthusiast Fonz Campa knows too well. His snowflake white MPS 6 is from a short-lived breed; the pinnacle of an era where Mazda’s fleet line up was as diverse as a standard city driver to a track ready beast and everything in between. 

MazdACT Stories: Barry Faux’s 1995 20B Eunos Cosmo

In 1962, The Jetsons fit took to the airwaves. The Hanna Barbera spin on a family set in the distant future was welcomed fondly for its big ideas of floating homes and flying cars.

MazdACT Stories: Jeremy’s 1974 Mazda RX4 Coupe

The thing to know about Jeremy is that, while he’s led an eventful life, his passion and enthusiasm for his Mazda vehicles is infectious.